Quick 25 minutes Vinyasa Flow – Shoulders and Hamstrings Delight

by | Apr 23, 2018

Level: Beginners to Level 1
Props: 2 yoga blocks

How often have you found yourself dealing with the effects of being at a desk all day?

*Too often for me*

Tight shoulders, tight hamstrings, tight hips, sore neck…

This 25 minutes practice is great for early mornings or evenings and sequenced with postures to counter the rounding of shoulders, and effects from too much sitting. It will help re-introduce movements back into areas of our bodies that take on the negatives of modern day living (text-neck, anyone?).

We’ll also be holding some key postures for a little longer than usual to build strength and stoke the fire in the body that is essential to a balanced agni (digestive fire in the body).

If at anytime you are feeling overwhelmed during the practice, I encourage you to consider returning to child’s pose / balasana.

Listening to your body is fundamental to a yoga asana practice, so if you feel any strain or pain, stop and take rest!

A good practice is a healthy practice; listen to your body and honour where you are in your practice today.

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