Yin Yoga – Winter Sequence

WINTER SEQUENCE FOR KIDNEY & URINARY BLADDER Winter season corresponds with the water element, and kidney organ. This practice sequence will work with the kidney and urinary bladder meridian points, inviting us to stillness and relaxation for nourishment of these...

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Yin Yoga sequence | Shoulders & Hips

This Yin Yoga sequence targets the neck, shoulders and lower body areas, specifically the groin, hip flexors, quadriceps, and ankle and toes. This practice sequence is perfect after a day of sitting, be it at the desk at work, or after a long drive.

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3 ways to turn cooking into meditation

Cooking (like any other activity) can be a way of practicing mindfulness. If you’re already a domestic goddess in the kitchen, take a moment now to reflect on what made you fall in love the first time.

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Home-brewed Chai

Learn how to make your own chai tea at home. A nourishing and nutritious tea that is a staple to an Ayurveda lifetsyle, this tea is packed with benefits from aiding digestion, improving immune system and uplifting our energies and spirits. Get the recipe now.

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Strong on the outside, strong on the inside

A 30 minutes vinyasa yoga flow to build upper body strength. Start slow and easy, bring your awareness back to the breath while lengthening the posterior line (back side) of our bodies, and start getting into the groove of the flow.

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Yin Yoga sequence | The Office Series 1

Open your heart, shoulders and quads with this yin yoga sequence designed for anyone who finds themselves at a desk or phone for far too long! Immerse into this deep and nourishing practice that is a perfect introduction to yoga and meditation.

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